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About I.A.T.S.E. Local 477

Access to a Strong Union with a Rich History: I.A.T.S.E. Local 477 represents motion picture workers involved in feature film, television, and commercial production in Florida. As part of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (I.A.T.S.E.), a 160,000-member-strong union, we provide extensive support and representation to our members.

Training and Safety: We prioritize safety and skills training, ensuring a modern production workforce. As a member, you'll receive training to excel in your craft, enhancing your career prospects and creating a safer working environment.

Safer Working Conditions: We strictly enforce state and federal safety laws, prioritizing your health and well-being on the job.

Networking Opportunities: Joining Local 477 opens doors to valuable networking opportunities. Expand your professional relationships and increase your chances of working on the best productions alongside top industry technicians.

Comprehensive Benefits: As a member, you gain access to a good healthcare and retirement plan. As a member, you also have the option to contribute to NBF's sponsored 401(k) Plan. For every union-negotiated project you work on, the employer contributes to funds for your healthcare and retirement through the National Benefit Funds (NBF). Personal benefits through employer contributions are tax-free.

  • NBF Providers:
    • Health Insurance Plan: Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Retirement Funds: Wells Fargo
    • Vision Plan: Davis Vision
    • Dental Plan: Delta Dental
    • Prescription Plan: CVS Caremark
  • Please note that while the National Benefit Funds (NBF) administers the benefits provided by employers, it is a non-profit company separate from I.A.T.S.E. Local 477. Our union is not affiliated with the NBF. Their website at www.iatsenbf.org is a very helpful resource for finding information about the benefits I.A.T.S.E. provides. All questions or problems concerning these benefits should be directed to the NBF by calling them at 1-800-456-FUND (3863).

Commitment to Equality: Local 477 is committed to equality of opportunity and the elimination of all forms of discrimination. We foster an inclusive and supportive environment for all members, based on respect and dignity in the workplace.

No Restrictions on Working for Non-Union Employers: We do not restrict our members from working for "non-union" employers. However, we expect our members to notify us of all employment opportunities, enabling us to provide effective representation throughout Florida. Please report any work to Business Manager Jim Roberts at jroberts477.bm@gmail.com.

Political Advocacy: Through the International, we actively protect workers' jobs and ensure fair working practices through legislative affairs. Your voice as a member contributes to shaping the collective bargaining agreements that govern your employment.

Grievance Procedures: Officers, Business Manager, and legal counsel are available to respond and address serious problems in the workplace.

Membership Assistance Program: We offer a membership assistance program to support members during catastrophic emergencies.

While Florida is a "right to work" state, regardless of being a union member or not, working in this state means you are subject to treatment under the collective bargaining agreement negotiated by the union with the employer. By joining I.A.T.S.E. Local 477, you gain a voice and actively participate in the negotiating process, ensuring your needs and interests are represented and protected. Together, we stand united to build a stronger and more prosperous future for all members in the Florida entertainment industry.

For more information about joining I.A.T.S.E. Local 477, please reach out to Local 477 President Chris Ranung at chrisranung@aol.com or Business Manager James "Jimmy" Roberts at jroberts477.bm@gmail.com, or call us at 305/594-8585 extension 3. Join Local 477 today and become part of a thriving community that cares about your success and well-being in the entertainment industry.

 Any Florida resident may petition to join our local as a new member or by transfer from a different IA local.  Employment in the industry is reliant upon your individual skills, the effort you put into building personal business relationships, the strength (and accuracy) of your resume, and your overall reputation within the local community.  It is for this reason that Local 477 strongly recommends that people who are considering submitting an application for membership have an existing relationship with a party that has indicated that they will be able to hire the new member for union work.

There are 3 ways to join IATSE Local 477:

  1. New Member - $1150
    • Demonstrate that you have worked in your job classification within the past 12 months on productions which took place in the State of Florida. 
  2. College or Organized - $600
    • Provide documentation that you have graduated from a college-level Florida film school program (Bachelors or AA degree) within the past two years.
    • Join Local 477 when working on a non-I.A.T.S.E. production at the time that it becomes organized (“goes Union”). If you help an organizing effort,your application may receive special consideration.
  3. Transfer In
    • Request a "Transfer Card" from your current local. They will fill it out and send it to Local 477. A transfer card is valid for 90 days, so all of the following requirements must be completed within that time-frame or the transfer card will expire and a new one will need to be requested from your current local.

Proof of Residency Requirements

A valid copy of one of the following items MUST be provided:

  • Valid Florida Drivers License with issue date of 18 months or longer, or
  • A valid State of Florida ID accompanied by a (MVR) motor vehicle report showing 18 months of residency, or
  • Valid Florida Drivers License accompanied by one of the following showing 18 months of residency:
    • Federal Tax Return
    • Vehicle Registration
    • Voter Registration
    • (MVR) motor vehicle report

Required Fees

  • New Members - $1150
    • $100 Processing Fee
    • $150 Training Fee
    • $750 Initiation Fee
    • The purchase of two (2) Quarterly Stamps, $75 each, $150 total.
    • Any outstanding balances (For returning members)
  • College or Organized - $600
    • $100 Processing Fee
    • $150 Training Fee
    • $50 Initiation Fee
    • The purchase of four (4) Quarterly Stamps, $75 each, $300 total.
  • Transfers - $825
    • Copy of "Transfer Request Card" from current Local.
    • $150 Training Fee
    • $375 Transfer Fee
    • The purchase of four (4) Quarterly Stamps, $75 each, $300 total.

Membership Application Packet

Applicants must ensure the membership application packet is fully completed in accordance with the requirements. Submission options include printing and scanning the filled form, mailing a printed copy, or submitting it digitally. When printing, DO NOT to print double-sided, and please use black or blue pen. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Compliance with these instructions is mandatory.

General Requirements

  • All forms requested in the membership packet must be fully completed and signed:
    • I.A.T.S.E. Application for Membership
    • Personal Information Form
    • Authorization for Representation
    • Authorization for Dues Check-Off.
  • A verifiable resume. Including three industry references (at least one from Local 477) with contact information.
  • If applicable, a list of any other I.A.T.S.E. locals of which you are currently a member; from which you have taken an Honorable Withdrawal, are retired, or have been expelled; or to which you have applied in the past and the status of that application.
  • Payment for full amount of fees by check or money order payable to I.A.T.S.E. Local 477. Payment can also be made via PayPal.
  • Any licenses or professional certifications that we may require (EMT, Paramedic, State of Florida teaching certificate, powder license, etc.).
  • If applying under the Florida Film School Graduate program, include a copy of your diploma showing graduation within the previous two years
  • If applying as someone working an "organized" production, provide a copy of a call sheet with your name on it for the production that was organized.

To access the required forms, Download Here:

 I.A.T.S.E. Local 477 Membership Application.pdf

Submit your application by email to staff@ia477.org.

If you DO NOT submit all fees with your application it will be considered incomplete. If you have any questions about how much is due with your application, please call the office.

Pay your application fee here.

After Submitting An Application

The current list of potential new members are submitted to our current executive board for a vote in the next executive board meeting.

  • Applications turned in at least 15 days before the next executive board Meeting shall go before the executive board for a vote.
  • Executive board meetings take place every month.
  • Each pending member will be notified within five (5) days of the results of the vote.
  • Applicants who are not voted into membership will be notified in writing and a refund will be issued (with the exception of the non-refundable $100 processing fee).
  • Refunded fees are processed within five (5) business days of the vote.
  • The Member Obligation (swear-in) shall be administered within six months (180) days from the date of notice of acceptance into Local 477.
  • The pending member’s application may be declared null and void, with forfeiture of all monies paid, if the Member Obligation is not administered in time.

Submit your application by email to staff@ia477.org.

The members of Local 477 thank you for considering joining our Local. Should you have questions that have not been addressed on this page, feel free to call President Chris Ranung at (904) 806-6369 or contact him via email at chrisranung@ia477.org.

See also:


As a Studio Mechanic's local, we take immense pride in offering a diverse covered crafts list, encompassing a wide array of highly skilled professionals crucial to exceptional film, television, theater, and event productions.

Animal Wrangler:

  • Animal Wrangler


  • Coordinator
  • Set Designer
  • Graphic Artist
  • Graphic Design
  • Buyer


  • Coordinator
  • Foreman
  • Gang Boss
  • Model Maker
  • Propmaker
  • Welder
  • Utility
  • Shop Crafts


  • Designer
  • Costume Supervisor
  • Wardrobe Supervisor
  • Key Costumer
  • Ager/Dyer
  • Seamstress/Tailor
  • Set Costumer
  • Costume Stylist
  • Costumer
  • Wardrobe Assistant
  • Seamstress/Tailor
  • Buyer

Craft Service:

  • Key Craft Service
  • Asst. Craft Service


  • Gaffer
  • Best Boy
  • Electrician
  • Rigging Gaffer
  • Rigging Best Boy
  • Rigging Electrician
  • Lighting Tech
  • Generator Operator
  • Lighting Balloon Assistant Technician
  • Light Board Operator
  • Cableman


  • Key Greensman
  • Greensman


  • Key Grip
  • Best Boy Grip
  • Grip
  • Dolly Grip
  • Key Rigging Grip
  • Rigging Grip
  • Best Boy Rigging Grip
  • Diver


  • Coordinator
  • Divemaster
  • Diver
  • Safety Diver
  • Assistant Coordinator
  • Boat Handler

Paint and Scenic:

  • Key Scenic Artist
  • Scenic Foreperson
  • On-Set Painter
  • Plasterer
  • Scenic Artist
  • Set Painter
  • Sign Writer
  • Utility


  • Prop Master
  • Asst. Prop Master
  • Armorer
  • Props Buyer
  • Prop Person
  • Food Stylist
  • Asst. Armorer

Set Decorating:

  • Set Designer
  • Set Designer/Draftsman
  • Leadman
  • Decorator
  • Buyer
  • Swing Gang
  • On-Set Dressers
  • Off-Set Dressers
  • Dresser

Set Teacher:

  • Set Teacher

Sound and Video:

  • Boom Operator
  • Mixer
  • 24-Frame Playback
  • Audio Playback
  • Cableman

Sound and Video Assist:

  • Sound Utility
  • Teleprompter
  • Video Assist

Special Effects:

  • Coordinator
  • Foreman
  • Effects Technician
  • Welder
  • Powder Man
  • Buyer


  • Wardrobe Supervisor
  • Wardrobe Assistant


  • Child Labor Coordinator
  • EMT
  • Paramedic
  • Registered Nurse






Crewing Up Jobs: Producers, find top-tier talent for your projects from our diverse Referral list. Access skilled grips, electricians, set designers, and more to build a stellar team.

Join Us: Studio mechanics, boost your career by joining Local 477. Gain access to industry resources and a supportive community, propelling your success.

Equity Statement From IATSE:

An Equality Statement was unanimously approved at the 2015 Winter General Executive Board Meeting in Hollywood, Florida, and updated at the 2018 Mid-Summer General Executive Board Meeting in New York City. We recognize that, while equality aims to treat everyone equally, it does not consider the various impediments faced by some of our members resulting in unequal outcomes. In response, our organization has instituted an equity statement which acknowledges our differences to ensure that everyone has an equitable chance at success. In July 2021, our General Executive Board unanimously adopted the following equity statement which acknowledges our differences to ensure that everyone has an equitable chance at success:

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, its Territories and Canada (IATSE) acknowledges that while we all face barriers to our success, there are those among us who face barriers that are more substantial and entrenched than others. We call upon all to identify, minimize, or erase obstacles that are within our control to make a more equitable pathway to unionism, leadership, and equality.

A diverse organization cannot be established unless current systems of access are enhanced. We must build structures to create equitable access for all, and to truly celebrate diversity. This growth will ensure a stronger union, and together, we will rise!

Declaración de patrimonio de IATSE:

Esta Declaración de Igualdad fue aprobada por unanimidad en la Reunión de la Junta Ejecutiva General de Invierno de 2015 en Hollywood, Florida, y actualizada en la Reunión de la Junta Ejecutiva General de mediados de verano de 2018 en la ciudad de Nueva York. Reconocemos que, si bien la igualdad tiene como objetivo tratar a todos por igual, no considera los diversos impedimentos que enfrentan algunos de nuestros miembros y que resultan en resultados desiguales. En respuesta, nuestra organización ha instituido una declaración de equidad que reconoce nuestras diferencias para garantizar que todos tengan las mismas posibilidades de éxito. En julio de 2021, nuestra Junta Ejecutiva General adoptó por unanimidad la siguiente declaración de equidad que reconoce nuestras diferencias para garantizar que todos tengan oportunidades equitativas de éxito:

La Alianza Internacional de Empleados de Escenarios Teatrales, Técnicos de Imagen en Movimiento, Artistas y Oficios Afines de los Estados Unidos, sus Territorios y Canadá (IATSE) reconoce que si bien todos enfrentamos barreras para nuestro éxito, hay quienes entre nosotros enfrentan barreras que son más sustanciales y arraigados que otros. Hacemos un llamado a todos a identificar, minimizar o borrar los obstáculos que están bajo nuestro control para trazar un camino más equitativo hacia el sindicalismo, el liderazgo y la igualdad.

No se puede establecer una organización diversa a menos que se mejoren los sistemas de acceso actuales. Debemos construir estructuras para crear un acceso equitativo para todos y celebrar verdaderamente la diversidad. ¡Este crecimiento garantizará una unión más fuerte y juntos ascenderemos!

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