I.A.T.S.E. Local 477
I.A.T.S.E. Local 477

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Welcome to the IATSE Local 477 Availability List for May 2024

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  Status Last Name First Name Primary Department Crafts in Primary Department Additional Qualifications City of Residence
A Sweeney Chris Art Graphic Artist,Graphic Designer Graphic Artist,Graphic Designer,Model Maker,Prop Maker,Prop Person,Props Buyer,Set Decorator,On-Set Decorator,Off-Set Decorator,Set Dec Buyer Clermont
A Cotarelo Maria Amelia Art Art Dept Buyer Art Dept Buyer,Art Dept Coordinator,Set Designer,Set Decorator,On-Set Decorator,Off-Set Decorator,Set Dec Buyer Orlando
A DeVincenzo Milena Art Art Dept Buyer,Art Dept Coordinator Art Dept Buyer,Art Dept Coordinator,Gang Boss,Prop Maker,Prop Person,Props Buyer,On-Set Decorator,Set Dec Buyer,Set Dec Swing Orlando
A Brice Arlington Art Set Designer Set Decorator Tamarac
A Ramos Leah Art Art Dept Buyer Art Dept Buyer,Art Dept Coordinator,Costumes Buyer,Costumer,Set Costumer,Props Buyer,On-Set Decorator,Set Dec Buyer,Set Dec Swing Hollywood
A PETERSON TRACEY Art Art Dept Coordinator,Graphic Artist Lightboard Operator,Lighting Tech,Rigging Electrician,Teleprompter FORT LAUDERDALE
A Rugh Jordan Art Art Dept Coordinator,Graphic Artist Prop Maker,On-Set Painter,Set Painter,Prop Person,Props Buyer,Set Decorator,On-Set Decorator Tampa, FL
A Soto Gabriela Art Art Dept Buyer,Set Designer Set Designer,Set Decorator,On-Set Decorator,Set Dec Buyer Miami
N Thigpen Lilly Art Art Dept Coordinator Set Dec Buyer Tampa
A Nottebaum Nick Art Graphic Artist,Graphic Designer Art Dept Buyer,Graphic Artist,Graphic Designer,Prop Maker,Scenic Artist,Sign Painter Miami
A Bricker William Construction Foreman,Shop Craftsman Fellsmere
A Kent David Construction Prop Maker,Shop Craftsman Craft Service Assist,Craft Service Background Assist,Utility Paint,On-Set Decorator,Off-Set Decorator,Cableman/Utility Sound Oakland Park Florida
A Dixon James Construction Prop Maker,Shop Craftsman Casselberry
A Tindall Ryan Construction Prop Maker Gang Boss,Model Maker,Prop Maker Orlando
A Winters Douglas Construction Foreman,Prop Maker Construction Foreman Cocoa
A Sonnenberg Christine Costumes Buyer,Costumer,Key Costumer,Set Costumer,Stylist,Supervisor Orlando
A Pineda Naty Costumes Buyer,Costumer,Key Costumer,Set Costumer,Stylist Stylist Miami
A silverman giselle Costumes Set Costumer Set Costumer Ft Lauderdale
A Rogers Ayl Costumes Costumer,Key Costumer,Set Costumer,Stylist Costumes Buyer,Costumer,Key Costumer,Set Costumer,Stylist Orlando
A Murillo Carcamo Krystel Costumes Buyer,Costumer,Set Costumer Graphic Designer,Costumes Buyer,Costumer,Seamstress/Tailor,Set Costumer Pembroke Pines
A Ramos Leslie Costumes Stylist Costumes Buyer Orlando
A Salzano Susan Costumes Buyer,Costumer Delray Beach
A Pompa Jose-Armando Costumes Costumer,Key Costumer,Set Costumer,Supervisor Myakka, Florida
A Stern Shirah Costumes Buyer,Key Costumer,Stylist Art Dept Buyer,Food Stylist,Set Decorator Aventura
A Carpio Joyce Costumes Costumer,Key Costumer,Set Costumer,Stylist Davie
A Volpi Veronica Costumes Key Costumer Costumes Buyer Miami Beach
A Villalobos Dylan Costumes Buyer,Costumer,Key Costumer,Set Costumer,Stylist Costumes Buyer,Costumer,Key Costumer,Set Costumer,Stylist New Smyrna Beach
A Hanozet Camille Costumes Costumer,Stylist Miami Beach
N Starr Carlye Costumes Ager/Dyer,Buyer,Costumer,Key Costumer,Seamstress/Tailor,Set Costumer,Stylist Land O Lakes
A kastari mila Costumes Stylist Key Costumer Miami
A Kelsey Garcia Costumes Ager/Dyer,Buyer,Costumer,Key Costumer,Set Costumer,Stylist,Supervisor Costumes Supervisor Tampa
A Direnna Stephanie Costumes Seamstress/Tailor Stylist Sunrise
A O'Connell Colleen Costumes Buyer,Costumer,Seamstress/Tailor,Set Costumer Miami Beach
A Alcaro Nicole Costumes Costumer,Seamstress/Tailor,Set Costumer Prop Maker,Costumer,Seamstress/Tailor,Set Costumer,Set Decorator Fort Lauderdale
A Ruiz Torres Joesmarie Costumes Stylist,Supervisor Tampa
A Lopez karol Costumes Costumer,Key Costumer,Stylist Florida
A Lassalle Sara Costumes Seamstress/Tailor Fort Lauderdale
N Rehage Steven Costumes Supervisor Costumer Plantation
A Rodriguez Lizette Costumes Buyer,Costumer,Key Costumer,Set Costumer,Stylist Costumes Buyer,Costumer,Key Costumer,Set Costumer,Stylist Orlando
N Mendoza-Quinn Marlisa Costumes Buyer,Costumer,Set Costumer,Stylist Costumes Buyer,Costumer,Set Costumer,Stylist Miami
A Rivera Lila Nikole Costumes Buyer,Costumer,Seamstress/Tailor,Stylist,Supervisor Costumes Buyer,Key Costumer,Stylist,Costumes Supervisor Miami
A STEINHAUER MARINA Craft Services Key Craft Service MIAMI
A Cranmer Michael Craft Services Craft Service Assist,Key Craft Service Construction Utility,Prop Maker,Craft Service Assist,Craft Service Background Assist,Grip,Rigging Grip,Boat Handler,On-Set Painter,Scenic Artist,Set Painter,Prop Person,Props Buyer,Set Decorator,On-Set Decorator Orlando
N Gallego Sergio Electric Lighting Tech Grip Plantation
N Fiji Peter Electric Lighting Tech,Rigging Electrician Lighting Balloon Tech,Grip,Rigging Grip Orlando
A Gumbs Anthony Electric Rigging Best Boy Electric Lighting Tech Oakland Park
A Romanello Silvio RIFF Electric Lighting Tech Grip Margate
A Mendez Jr Luis Electric Lighting Tech,Rigging Electrician Art Dept Buyer,Set Designer,Construction Utility,Model Maker,Prop Maker,Lighting Tech,Rigging Electrician,Greensman,Grip,Rigging Grip,On-Set Decorator,Set Dec Swing Miami
A Martinez Jose del C Electric Best Boy Electric,Gaffer,Lighting Tech Generator Operator,Lighting Tech Pembroke Pines
A Graffeo Ryan Electric Best Boy Electric,Gaffer,Lighting Tech,Rigging Best Boy Electric,Rigging Electrician Best Boy Grip,Dolly Grip,Grip,Rigging Grip St Petersburg
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I.A.T.S.E. Local 477
4101 Ravenswood Road, Suite 108-109
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312

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